Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mixed Bag

Bit of a mixed bag of thoughts today.

Intelligence Bubble

I have oft read that information, as a collective commodity, increases exponentially. This got me thinking, in light of reading any news of late. Perhaps the human brain at the moment is not prepared for the jump forward.

It frustrates me to think that perhaps humanity is collectively sliding back towards some dark age, unenlightened model. Reading headlines which equate difference=bad, fear=good, and the seeming spike of voice from the extreme fundamental fan-club is never good for ones heart.

What if, however, it is simply an indication of humanity moving forward? Evolving, if I can dare to use that word.

Are we seeing a time when large chunks of our race are running from the bright enlightenment of a migration to a better place, hiding themselves in the cave, afraid of the Promethean flame?

I hope so. I am attempting to reprogram myself into a naturally optimistic being, and us optimists love hope.

Riders on the Wildstorm

In the world of comics, DC announced that it would be closing its Wildstorm arm and moving its entertainment office to the west coast.

Wildstorm was Jim Lee's universe, created during those heady times in the 90's when comic book artists dared to jump the lucrative Marvel ship and try to go it alone like some dirty hippy indie creators. It was sucked up into DC at the end of the 90's, as was Jim Lee himself.

It seems to highlight a certain amount of fear which the Oligarchical comic book companies (the big 2, who really have become, corporately speaking, the big 2) has over creator-owned work.

You see, comic worlds and characters owned, or part owned by an artist/writer/creator really cut into the big plans of merchandise, movies, television, franchises, etc etc etc.

Marvel and DC are by far the biggest month-in producers of titles, however they are increasingly becoming the biggest producers of un-readable titles. I will pretty much pick up anything that Grant Morrison writes (spellbound as I am) so that takes care of 3 or 4 DC books, and Marvel's Thor The Mighty Avenger is about the best book they are putting out. The rest I could take or leave.

Indie is where the creativity is at. Free of the constrains of big corporation dictates and large mega-events to be included in ones work.

In My Life/Cold Turkey (remix)

I'm giving up sugar - not sure how long the feeling of bloated, dulled heaviness will last, but  today is day six. It is proving tough, especially when working the hours I do, surrounded by the junk my employers are kind enough to provide gratis.

Hero Code

Finally, I've started to get the first few pages of (deep breath) The Hero Code: The Coming of the Occultist! Mini-Series Issue One in from J.C.. Great atmospherics, and my first coloured full comic book! Very exciting.

The short story, Out of Time, which J.C., Bernie and myself produced about a year ago, looks to be going into the Mysterious Adventure Magazine winter annual. The pages have been coloured, and look fantastic. One quick editorial change and it is ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

Optimism is where it's at!!!! Yay, GO...everyone! You are great. You can do it!!!

Love you, Honey, even at the depths of sugar-withdrawl low. Proud of you too.

The Mrs.