Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This is an End...

I'm saying goodbye to mainstream comics for a while.

As much as I love them, as big a part of my life they are, I'm finding myself less and less interested in the big two of late.

I will still be writing my own stuff, creating and publishing my own books, but it's goodbye to Marvel and DC for now.

For one year I am not going to purchase a book put out by the big two. Instead I will be only picking up small press, indie and creator owned books.

Consider this my anti-52. My summer 'Non-Event'. My Crisis of Infinite Faith.

Too much of the output is not interested in telling a good story, treating the reader with respect, finding a writer and artist who work well and keeping them working together.

I'll miss Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Shield (both Marvel) and Grant Morrison (DC). It may be Morrison's Infinite Earth series which brings me back. It may not.

With that in mind, if anyone out there has a book they want to push to me, recommend or just sing the praises of, leave me a comment. Im not looking for freebies here, links to stores and titles please. No guarantees.

I will be trying to write occasional features about books I do find and like - there are already a host of Indie titles I would recommend above and beyond most big-two titles.

Maybe it will help a creator somewhere get some credit, a new reader to a new book. Maybe it will express to the big-two that books crafted with care and respect to the reader mean more than deadlines, shelf space and movie deals.

Maybe it won't.

At least I'll know that I tried.


Anonymous said...

That's my boy! Proud of you, honey; sticking to your ideals, and not giving in to consumerism just because it's easier.

If more people were like you, the comic book industry would be filled with creativity and innovation, not just sad, scared, sexist (don't get me talking about the artwork of female characters....PU-LEEZ!) "artists". I think it's great that you're going to support the smaller, indie publications. I support your support.

Love you,


pdore said...

I'm writing in support of Amy's support of your support. What does anti 52 mean though?

Monkey Pipe said...

52 was a weekly comic book series put out by DC using four or five writers and various artists to tell a story about the universe in real time without Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman in it. It had some good moments, but was ultimately just another way of hooking readers for the short-term long story.