Monday, 1 November 2010

Pilot Season

Made it through the Long Beach Comic Con relatively unscathed. I'll be writing a fully report on that in a later post.

Samurai OGN is nearing completion, we are at most days away from finalising the layout and getting ready for the first print run. The book will be premiering at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention, January, 8-9th 2011.

Hero Code is getting close to being ready for unveiling to the world. At the moment the series looks to be a multi-strand, multi-platformed beast. A webcomic story line, featuring art by J.C. Grande, will be starting early next year. An ongoing series, with the initial arc featuring art by Jonathan Rector will be coming out also early 2011. A third series, a mini-series, featuring art by Dan Smith, will follow soon after.

Why so many strands and books? The linear story stretches out across a large time frame, but the start of the story, it was felt, didn't contain enough hook. A shift in style across the first two arcs would seem at odds to the main part of the story. Also, the first two arcs are set in the past, and may, to the casual reader, appear mawkish or overly sentimental - which is not the intent of the larger story.

As stand alone tales which feed back into the main story, they are much stronger pieces. Giving the series depth and answering questions, while also providing contained stories which can be taken as completed in their own little way.

Having watched a few US shows recently, and realising that the television model in the US tends to be to throw everything at the pilot episode, and then sit back and see what people like or dislike, I really think I have become relatively sensitive to this idea. I'm carrying it over to the book, and starting the ongoing series effectively at a post-pilot, post-test run point, I hope the series will be the stronger for it.

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pdore said...

Looking forward to the new books - glad the convention went well - it would be great to hear more about it!