Sunday, 28 November 2010

Should I just change the name to "it's been a while"?

Good morning all. We are nearly at the end of November, and the sun is still shining outside.

I'm going to jot down some thoughts in no particular order, as Pipe Jr is educated in the joys of Looney Tunes cartoons and Mrs Pipe gets ready to face the day.

Following a conversation with Karl Alstaetter (@komickarl on twitter), I got thinking about what it means to be an independent comic book creator. It seems, based on discussions with Jesse Toves, that a lot of comic creators shy away from this label. Perhaps wanting to distance themselves from the more recognised idea of an indie creator (the mainstream indie guy?) or perhaps because their ultimate aim is to work for the BIG TWO companies.

Does Indie send the wrong signal?

Mat Nastos (@niftymat on twitter, link to site here) provides an interesting point of view to the business of comics; that it is a business.

It's refreshing to hear someone talk of target audiences and marketing connected to comics. Too many people hide behind the idea that this is an artistic endevour, all the while desperately hoping that they have the next big thing on their hands, or that a movie studio is just looking to sign them a big check.

To paraphrase Karl, when making a comic one shouldn't mistake the achievement for the audience.

Hero Code is coming along, and quite nicely. A problem I am having with it is that I may be spreading the idea too thin. That is to plan on having three books at once may slow down interest in any one of them. I have a limited budget, which can lead to the mistake of thinking that I have unlimited time - however, for ongoing series, it seems best to keep the audience engaged. Once you find them that is.

I have issue one of the first mini-series near-completed. Artwork is done, I am doing a rough lettering for the internal pages for a preview book, and a cover is completed - I am just awaiting the high res file from J.C..

I have toyed with the idea of putting together a Kickstarted campaign for the series, as a helping hand and promotional tool for the book.

Perhaps spreading the series a little less thinly is the way to go?

Okay - my turn to get ready to face the day...


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did you just add your name to this blog? Are you sure you're ready for the non-Banksy-like celebrity?


Monkey Pipe said...

C'est nest pas un Pipe!