Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Can I do a review of the year?

To be honest, I can't really be that bothered - here's a quick few things I enjoyed a lot this year:

Movie of the year: True Grit
Runner's up: Inception, Scott Pilgrim

Music of the year: Junip Fields (currently available as a $5 MP3 download at Amazon)
Runner's up: Tricky Mixed Race

Comic Book of the Year: Stuff of Legend
Runner's up: Planetary Book 4, Edge of Unknown

Book of the Year: From Eternity To Here, Sean Carroll
Runner's up: Ivanhoe

Not everything came out this year, but I found it this year, and that is what counts.

Coming soon...

I will be starting my fast from Marvel and DC books next week - no titles from these two publishers for the whole year. Instead I will be recommending one indie title a week. I'll be posting recommendations here, a shot posting with a link to where you can get the books, around my usual ramblings.

Happy New Year all! 

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