Saturday, 18 December 2010

Trans Morphic Occultism

Good morning all.

Today is the first day of my Christmas break from work. I have just over two weeks to wallow in the wonderful mud of humanizing relaxation.

But first...

I've been working on the idea for The Hero Code for several years now. At the start of this year I began working on character designs.

I began working with Dan Smith in March to create a world of some twenty-three characters, and began to really map out the series. I always had it down as a big series, a contained universe built from the ground up. A history spanning series.

It was also to be an organic series, adapting and changing as time went on. I had a start point. I have an ending point. The middle would take care of itself.

One of the characters who I saw being in the series from the start was The Occultist. I kind of Steve Ditko style mystic, part Doctor Fate, part Doctor Strange.

The Occultist by ~JamieGambell on deviantART

I have 22 pages of this characters origin completed, art wise, and a further 48 pages of script. It was a story which was great fun working on.

An early sketch of the Occultist, art by Karl Altstaetter, from January 16th, 2010

I had an unused Omnitarium logo which I was going to have Bernie Lee re-work (something we had emailed about a while ago) to become the character's logo.

Logo design by Bernie Lee (2009)

A month or two ago I was flicking through Previews magazine. I saw that Dark Horse Comics was releasing a one-shot entitled The Occultist, written by Tim Seeley, with art by Victor Drujiniu and Jason Gorder.

A little searching on the web told me that this one shot was announced by Mike Richardson at a panel in San Diego this year.

They are very different characters.

I am a believer in transmorphic resonance, and in collective telepathy when it comes to information - we register more than just perceived visible spectrum and aural wave-lengths.

I really do think that this is just a coincidence - a synchronicity. Ideas are powerful things, they give off a lot of unperceived energy, which is shared in the collective information field.

It has made me re-think the formatting and release of The Hero Code, though.

The Coming of the Occultist, set just before World War II, will probably now be released as a web-comic serial, to be collected in print at a later date.

The Theatre of War, set during World War II, will also probably fit into this format, or even be released as a complete graphic novel.

Both of these stories were part of the stand alone pre-history of the series, which filled in some details about the Hero Code universe and the character of the Occultist.

The series will now start at a time when the new heroes in the series are beginning to emerge. The Occultist, as a character in this world, has been missing, presumed dead for some 60 something years.

It does move release dates back a little. I will probably aim to release the first issue in the summer of 2011, and the web-series will start around this time, perhaps a little before.

Good luck to Dark Horse with their book. If anyone from that company wishes to contact me, I am always available.

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