Thursday, 23 December 2010

You had one chance, and blew it!

An extractor fan is busy sucking a small lake out of the little man's bedroom - nothing damaged, just the carpet. Rain hit LA this week, and LA dealt with the weather by driving several times worse than it usually does, and a near-literal collapse of some communities.

Things move on though, and the sun is already back.

We are just two sleeps away from Christmas day - Santa has all the necessary wish-list links, presents have been wrapped, bows tied. It should be a fun one this year, what with Felix becoming more and more aware of the idea. He has even stopped insisting that Christmas lights and decorations are actually left-over Halloween lights.

So far my break from the day job has been a very relaxing one. I've managed to exercise, which is nice. I've managed to get writing done, which is wonderful. I even managed to eat one piece of chocolate, before Amy threw them all away.

Next week will be the last week for a year that I will be picking up any titles with Marvel and DC on the cover. I've been finding some interesting indie books, and my plan will be to post regular little mentions, either on Wednesday's or the weekends - suggestions of other titles which people can give a go with.

Sleep well, dear readers, enjoy yourselves, don't over-indulge on mince-pies and Quality Street!

Merry Christmas!


pdore said...

Why did Amy throw all of your chocolate away?

Monkey Pipe said...

She fears I am addicted to it...

She is right.