Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Part #1 (of #52)

Okay, I'm already a little behind with this, thanks to a rather tough start to the working year. But here goes...

My intention is to turn people, comic readers and non-readers alike, onto books away from the Marvel and DC universes.

These are not really reviews, but rather 'likes', titles which have caught my eye for one reason or another.

I'm planning to offer up #52 alternatives from the world of comics - indie and otherwise - across a one year period. During that year, I will not be purchasing or reading any Marvel or DC titles.

If you wish to recommend a title to me, please feel free to contact me, or leave a comment here on the site.

First up,
Th3rd World Studios' The Stuff of Legend.

Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, featuring art by C.P. Wilson III and colors by Michael DeVito and Jon Conkling.

The series is a fantastically eerie tale of a small boy, kidnapped by the Boogieman and dragged into a whimsical land called the Dark, and the attempt of his brought-to-life toys to rescue him.

Simply a beautiful series, both in art and writing, it maintains a threatening air of uneasiness throughout, and gives real life to all of its characters.

A trade of the first series, as well as singles of both series one and two can be ordered from the Th3rd World Studios Store.

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