Sunday, 2 January 2011

To Be Continued...

A recent discussion about being down on overly-dense continuity-heavy event books got me thinking.

Too many books put out by the big two are guilty of not letting up, not allowing an entrance for new readers. Instead they seem intent on keeping the shelves filled with books, week in week out, carrying certain banners, badges or names.

I have no problem with continuity. Nor with long stories, or event story telling. I have a problem with the stories being spread across too many titles.

Uncanny X-Men, probably one of the most popular comic books during the 80's and 90's, is rich with continuity. Confusing back stories and overlapping characters crossing timelines and realities. And yet, it proved to be one of the best reads when I was growing up. For one simple reason.

Not in the least bit confusing...
It was in one title. One title which came out with regularity.

And there is the key. In the past going to the comic book store once a week meant picking up a title which you knew would be there that week.

Now there are so many X-titles, Batman titles, Green Lantern titles, Thor titles - half of them part of an event, half of them in their own continuities - I don't know which one's I have read, need to read, want to read. In the end, it means that I drop them all.

So, you see, I'm pro-Continuity, as long as it's contained and regular.

Happy reading.

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