Saturday, 5 February 2011


I'm trying to write.

January was a rough month for me. Work was in split-days, meaning that I started later, and finished later. But, as those of you with young family no doubt know, it doesn't mean that I get to sleep any later in the day.

I felt like I was constantly about to fall asleep, or come down from coffee which I hadn't drunk. I found solace in sugar, and now, going into February, I find myself feeling bloated and heavy.

It wasn't all doom and gloom and peanut M&M's though.

Hero Code moves forward, at least behind the scenes it does. The first story is being worked on now by both the artist and the colourist. A flash-back arc, which I may use as a back up story, is coming along nicely too.

A pitch idea which I have been working on may have an artist on board. This is something which I will be revisiting once my break from work begins.

Omnitarium's trade is at the printers, and I am waiting for digital proofs for that. Expect me to mention this once it is all ready to order. Also, I have a cracking idea for a sequel/second story in that world. One which I think will be great fun to work on.

I haven't forgotten my 52 part series on indie books too, so expect quite a few more entries in the next few weeks.

Oh, and my football team has been on a wonderful streak, which sees us in 2nd place, in an automatic promotion spot, and this close to the top flight of football in more than a decade!

I am trying to write at the moment, but a leaf blower is terrorizing my mind, so I am finding distractions to keep my head from popping.

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