Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wizard World - Anaheim

April 30th - May 1st saw the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Convention - my first Wizard World event.

It was a fantastic location - a vast hall, half filled with an immense Artist's Alley, and made up with an excellent mixture of exhibitors, special guests, gaming tables and store representatives - just a short walk from the Hilton, which provided a great food court and Starbucks (always helpful for those early convention starts).

I was in attendance with the other members of the Samurai crew - Karl Altstaetter, Gerimi Burleigh, Dan Smith, Drew Johnson, Jesse Toves and Donna Letterese, all taking up a chunk of row 1100.

It was an excellently put together show - the Alley was the most spacious I have ever sat in, and yet traffic flowed constantly - even on the late-night half-day that was Friday. The hosts were gracious and the volunteers were incredibly attentive. It was the most welcome I have felt as a guest in an Artist's Alley, and a lot of conventions could learn from the WW organisation model.

Fun was had, books were sold, comics were discussed - a great mixture of new faces and old pro's, with no one overshadowing the other. I even did some sketching, a rarity for me as a writer! I got the impression that the people coming through the doors were comic fans in the truer sense - one or two people commented that it was nice to see actual comic books for sale!

I had copies of Omnitarium, as well as a preview ash-can for the Hero Code - both of which got equal amounts of interest.

I had a great time at the event, and hope to attend more Wizard World Con's through out the coming months.

Setting up, moments before the Friday 

night rush

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