Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Meet the Characters, pt.2 - Myth

The second hero in our story is Freya Giaia, dubbed Myth by the media.

Myth is a displaced goddess, born from two pantheons. Her father is Freyr, the Norse god of fertility. He bests Zeus in contest and, after much drinking and celebrating, makes the Greek god assume female form to lie with him. The result is Freya.

Wanting to keep his daughter hidden from his jealous wife, Zeus sends her to Earth and masks her heritage by granting her a mixture of god-like powers - strength, speed, near-invunerability, flight.

One aspect of comics I always enjoyed was how often mythical characters would bleed over into the created universes, often from different folklores and religions. The use of these characters as an extension of super humans always interested me.

Myth redesign - by Drew Johnson

The look of Myth was redesigned from the original Dan Smith design by Drew Johnson when he came onboard to draw the covers. Her original look was a lot more operatic and warrior like, but Drew softened this and brought out her more human aspects.

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