Thursday, 30 June 2011

Meet the Crew - Dan Smith

During the initial plotting of the series, I worked very closely with Dan Smith in developing and designing the look of the cast. We put together 23 characters - him refining my handful of rough sketches and headful of ideas - with more to come!

Dan is working on some of the Collector Cards for the season one set, and has designed almost all of the second season set.

I'll let Dan take over and tell you more...

Character Designer - Dan Smith

I'm Dan Smith, also known as Smif. My most known artwork was doing interior and cover art for the paper RPG companies in the 1990's. Vampire, Shadowrun, GURPS, INWO, Battletech, Car Wars, Mage, etc...I won an Origins award (With Derek Pearcy) for Best RPG Graphic design for Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine.

I am also a card game designer, having designed the Origins award nominated BATTLE OF THE BANDS/BACKSTAGE PASS and the PORTABLE ADVENTURES series of card games. I am currently working on a couple of comic books, one of them being my fantasy cop series BLUE KNIGHTS.
I am a freelance graphic illustrator and designer for top tier companies and those just starting out... which means I do it all, big or small. Jamie and I met at a function known as Koffee and Komics, run by the illustrious Karl Altstaetter, and we hit it off instantly. I helped flesh out the costumery with Jamie, if he had a specific idea, I made it whole, if he let me go off on a tangent, I did...and to his credit we are still great friends. I also did a bunch of trading cards with him for the Hero Code Series.
When he calls, I don't say no.

1. What is your process for working?

Mostly I think about what I want the viewer to think about when they see the work. I get into the subliminal aspects and the iconic reasoning behind the concept before I put pen to paper. I do minimal pencilling unless it specifically needs it, preferring to create as I ink.

2. How long have you been creating?

Longer than you have been alive.

3. Who or what are your biggest influences?

Everything and everyone. Mostly, it's the greats: Jack Kirby, Jack Hamm, Andrew Loomis, Ben Caldwell, Fritz Willis...

4. What else are you currently working on?

I am working on some promotional work for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson), a zombie comic story for George Romero productions and art for an online card game.

5. Finally, If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
Flight. It always comes down to flight...Superman style, not the Angel. Fists forward, supersonic speed in my underwear...
man, that's livin'!

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