Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Story

“We are here to save the world... All of us!”
The Hero Code is set in a world where every human being holds within them a genetic code which grants them great powers. This code mostly lays dormant, only activated by great threats to the planet and the race as a whole. We are the Earths immune system!
Comics and graphic story telling have alway been a part of my life, and remain, for me, a rich and expansive medium. Creators are able to do so much with this form of story telling which is restrictive in others.
I have had the nuggets of various parts of this story in my mind since the mid-eighties. Work on the book, as it appears now, started nearly two years ago - building the world, the characters and the overall plot.
It deals with a very traditional mythological idea - what does it mean to be a hero? Why do some people seem to rise up, to act altruistically, selflessly, in defense of others against great odds?
We see a world filled with questions and mystery - where did the code come from? Has it always been with us? What causes the code to be corrupted in some? What is the threat we all face?
The format is designed to be accessible to all readers - contained arcs and issues telling shorter stories within a one. It will not become mired in continuity and confusion - first and foremost the stories are designed to entertain.
Our first arc introduces a world where costumed powered characters are relatively new to the public, and powered villains are unheard of. Three heroes come together to face a great threat, learning a lot about there place in this new world.
I’ll be introducing you to these characters in an upcoming update.

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