Monday, 27 June 2011

Meet the Characters...

This is part one in a series, introducing you all to the first round of characters in the Hero Code. 
First up we have Optiman.

Optiman - art by Jonathan Rector

At first Optiman was a typical super human character - strong, fast, near-invulnerable and able to fly. He was optimistic and selfless in his quest to help those in need. 
But then I hit a snag. When I was writing him, I found him to be very one-dimensional. I struggled to come up with an alter-ego which didn’t slip into cliche (intrepid reporter... err,  nope!). It actually reached the stage where I wasn’t that interested in writing about him, and so I was sure no one would want to read about him.
I think that incredibly strong characters are at their most interesting when they are shown to be most human, and really wanted Optiman to be a connection to the readers. I wanted them to see him as someone who was like them in many ways, and yet this aspirational figure.
Then I had an idea...
Without giving away too much (which will be revealed in later issues) Optiman is more like the reader than he first appears. His powers, although seemingly based on physicality and brute strength are actually grounded in belief and hope.
A slight u-turn and rewrite and suddenly he became a much more interesting, engaging and vulnerable character.

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