Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Meet the Characters, pt.4 - The Mannequin

The Mannequin is the first villain we meet in the series. He isn’t the first character to have had the code manipulated or corrupted, making him less inclined to help others, but he is the first we meet.

When we first meet him, he is working as a low-rent weapons manufacturer for a crime family. He is funneling funds secretly to develop something which he is secretly working on.

Following a lab accident the code within him evolves and mutates, increasing his understanding of the world around him and his ability to control it. Effectively he can reach behind the coding of the world around him and play around with it, creating pockets of the universe in his own making.

I really wanted the look of the character to be preternaturally normal, so much so that he began to look off-kilter, unnervingly bland. I wanted to have a character who could blend in anywhere, but sink into your mind enough to be jarred by him.

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