Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meet the Crew - Josh Gorfain, designer

Designing a logo for the series was very important. It needed to tick the right boxes in terms of being eye-catching, having clarity and of also containing a distinctive feel for the series. I had a clear idea about what I felt it should feature, but more importantly I had a good designer in Josh Gorfain.

I first met Josh while working on my horror mini-series, Omnitarium. I wanted to have options for a logo for the book, and to have different designers each have a pass at it. He was one of the three designers who produced a logo, and, although I didn't use his pass, we got on very well and kept in touch.

When it came to Hero Code I wanted to repeat the process. Josh submitted first and I knew I had the logo I wanted, and so went with his, first time.

Josh is also a writer in his right, and has several upcoming projects. I'll let Josh take over:

My name is Josh Gorfain, I'm a comic book writer. I designed the logos used and I wrote a story for one of the characters [The Alchemist] that will be used in a future issue [of the Hero Code].

1. What is your process for working?

A lot of staring off into space. A lot of "What if" and a bit of "wouldn't this be cool?"

2. How long have you been creating?

I've been creating comics and such going on three years now! Time sure flies!

3. Who or what are your biggest influences?

Everything I see an read influences me. But specifically, thought it might not be readily apparent, the works of William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, and  Warren Ells have warped my fragile little mind the most.

4. What else are you currently working on?

My book Sterling is due out from Arcana in the next month or so (should be available at SDCC next month). Currently starting up a Kickstarter for my next project, Meatspace, with the absolutely amazing Andrew MacLean. Hope I can get the funds required for it! Also posting pages up for my script to Exemplar, a story that shoves Mad Max, Dungeons & Dragons and Cthulu-esque horror in blender.

5. Finally, If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

Shapeshifting seems to be really cool and general catch all power. 

Josh can be followed on twitter as @joshgorfain

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