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Meet the Crew - Artist, Jonathan Rector

There will be more from Jonathan as the campaign goes on, but I wanted to post his round of answers to the five standard questions we've been asking the team here.

Jonathan and I came together through a mutual love of comics and the podcast, Art and Story. I commissioned Jonathan to work on a promotional piece for a later Hero Code story - The Theatre of War (which at one point was going to be the series opener). He did such a great job that I knew I wanted him on board for more, if not all the series.

The Theatre of War - Promo piece - art by Jonathan Rector

Everything he has produced for the book has been simply amazing, and I hope to keep him around forever!

1. What is your process for working?

The mighty PROCESS!

Well, for the better part of this year, I've been working pretty much 100% digitally in Photoshop. The process I follow, it's very close to the book "The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics" - By Freddie Williams II.

That book can be found here:

I wish I could go into details, but I feel like I would be basically giving away the book ha ha. But, as for a "general" breakdown, I do all the thumbnails for a given script, and send them to the editor/writer for approval. Once I get the feedback, I try to break it down into weeks. On the Monday of that week, I do all the pages I will be doing that week in rough form. Usually about 5-6 pages. Over the next couple of days, I draw/ink the pages. Usually working 7 days a week. Good stuff :)

2. How long have you been creating?
Since I was a be-beh! I remember cutting out Ninja Turtles from the colouring books, taking them to my dad's work, photocopying them and making my own books.

But in a "serious" manner, since 2000-2002. My first published work was in an anthology Horror book by Ronin Studios. I learned a lot, and it felt great seeing it in print. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I've been continually trying to find better clients, and getting excellent scripts. In 2010, I started self publishing some work. Actually, at the time of this interview, I just finished my first Mini comic "Jesop King, The Hunger." It's an all ages comic which can be found here:

I had a blast on that. Learned a lot about making comics 100% myself. Very exciting!

3. Who or what are your biggest influences?
Huge, huge, HUGE fan of Joe Madueria. Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley, Arthur Adams, Ed McGuiness are some others. Non-comic artists? Man, way too many to name. Frazetta, all of the Capcom guys for sure...I could keep going.

Outside of comics, I'm a big video game fan. I have not had a lot of time to keep playing as much as I grew up playing, but some games really grab my attention. Mass Effect for instance. When I get a chance to play some fighting games with my brother, that's always a blast. Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat are always good times.

4. What else are you currently working on?

Well, like I said earlier, I just recently finished my first mini comic. It's left me wanting more out of creating my own books. In the coming weeks, I'll be sitting down to scratch out a script and go for there.

I'm also working with a great writter (John Lees) on a project called "The Standard." At the time of this interview, I'll be starting issue 3 this week. Fantastic book. With each new script John sends me, I'm floored. Outside of Ther Hero Code, The Standard is the other project I'm most honored to be a part of.

The Standard - issue #2 cover - art by Jonathan Rector

The Standard can be found here as well:

5. Finally, If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
Love this question. All the normal answers would be awesome. Flight, Super Strength...heck, to be able to "Hulk-Out" would be mind-blowing! But, i think mind control would be the most fun. I would use it for good....I really would :)

Jonathan Rector

The Art of Jonathan Rector Volume 1 is now available!

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