Friday, 26 August 2011

Alternative 52

With the DCnU fast approaching (DC have rebooted their universe, creating a new line up of 52 titles starting at issue one) I thought I'd put together a list of 52 alternate comic book titles you could try.

I'll try to link to places to get these in the post.

In no particular order (literally just lifting them off of a pile):

1. Order of Tales by Evan Dahm

2. Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson

3. Everyday Things by Josue Menjivar

4. Zegas by Michel Fiffe

5. Teuton by Fred Kennedy and Adam Gorham

6. The Stuff of Legend by Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III

7. Monster Commute by Daniel M. Davis

8. Johnny Wander by Ananth Panagariya and Yoko Ota

9. Hildafolk by Luke Pearson

10. Smile by Raina Telgemeier

11. The Paranormals by A. Diallo Jackson and Russell Fox

12. Edge of the Unknown by Jon Vinson and Marco Roblin

13. Bear Fight by Various

15. War by Mark Rudolph

16. The Adventures of a Homunculus by Brigitte Sutherland

17. Reed Gunther by Shane and Chris Houghton

19. Johnny Recon by Scott Dillon and Mitch Gerads

20. The Colodin Project by Ken Krekeler

21. Native Drums by Chuck Paschall and Vince Riley

22. Ghost Zero by Dave Flora

24. Chickenhare by Chris Grine

25. Sergeant Zero by Anthony Schiavino

27. Johnny Hiro by Fred Chao

28. Senryu by Matthew Warlick

29. Man-Swamp by Javiar Hernandez

30. Blindspot by Joseph Remnant

31. The Loneliest Astronauts by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle

32. She Died in Terrebonne by Kevin Church and TJ Kirsch

33. The Front by Jerzy Drozd

34. The Signifiers by Michael R Neno

35. Injury by Ted May and Various

36. It Lives by Ted May

37. Hyperborea by Jason Thompson

38. Pink Power by Zen and Landish

39. Winters in Lavelle by Kasey Van Hise

41. Beartato by Anthony Clark

42. PC Weenies by Krishna M Sadasivam

43. Curse of the Pirate Girl by Jeremy A Bastian

44. ReMIND by Jason Brubaker

45. Closing Doors by Mark Rudolph

47. Bordom Pays by Jason Bradshaw

48. 140 by Nathaniel Osollo

49. Emerald City Blues by Karl Altstaetter

50. Eyes of the Gods by Gerimi Burleigh

51. Expansion by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward

52. The Study by Ed Laroche

There are plenty more where these came from. I wanted to offer up a sample and to highlight that if you are not that interested in DC's reboot or Marvel's latest events, that there is a whole lot more from comic books on offer.



Thanks for including us, Jamie! I'm humbled to be on such a list.

Monkey Pipe said...

You're very welcome - love the style of Teuton, really looking forward to more!