Sunday, 28 August 2011

Big Lies

This post is going to be another mind-dump - some too long for twitter thoughts, too short to really be called a post.

* I realised the other day that, although I do not miss London, I do miss Europe. I love the idea of London, but the reality tends to stick in my mind as a place of veiled threats, hidden menace behind teeth-baring grins. A place of rich white affluence and angry masses. Perhaps I'm being romantic towards my memory of the mainland, but I do miss Europe.

* 4 years on and every time I turn the radio on we are still talking about the hardships to come and the financial meltdown still to hit. All the while, those responsible for the problems are mostly still employed within the same institutions. While those that are taking the brunt of the hardship are being forced to accept the new great lie as their mantra; "you should be grateful to have a job right now". I've seen lots of terrible behaviour from nervous middle-management types, downright bullying towards the working classes of the world, all who are expected to smile, take the punishment and be quiet. It could be worse. You could be poor. The fact is, we all are. Most of us are treading water at best, watching savings and futures vanish, and being put through greater stress. Anger, which announced itself as a series of riots in the UK, aimed at the middle-classes by the lower-middle and below classes, is being kept from the higher ups. Everything is going according to plan.

*Life can sometimes be tough to teach you lessons, and it rarely just goes away when ignored. I've been getting some interesting lessons from life recently. I just hope I've been listening.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Karl Altstaetter said...

You should have named it "True Lies".