Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cover Gallery

Here are the pretty much finished designs for the covers (we only owe the barcode on cover C).

Thank you to Josh Gorfain for helping with the designs and logo placements, and thank you to Drew, Ray, Jonathan, Karl and Heather for making the covers looks so great!

Anyone have a favourite?

Cover A - Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder and Heather Breckel

Cover B - Jonathan Rector and Heather Breckel

Cover C - Karl Altstatter and Heather Breckel
Now an update - we've just finished page 18, and page 19 is nearly there - so three more pages of art and then the lettering to make issue one complete.

I've got the series up at the store, and once the pages are finished and it is ready to go to the printers, I will be opening it up for pre-orders.

Nearly there!

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