Sunday, 2 October 2011


Not too many weekends to go until the third Long Beach Comic Con.

I will be in attendance with some of the usual faces - hoping to have some Hero Code goodies on display (if not the finished book, then definitely some kind of ash-can or convention sketch edition).

Here's some shout outs and things of interest from friends and fellow creators:

Karl Altstaetter's new web-series, Me2, is up and running over at MTV Geek. He also has various editions of his Emerald City Blues series available at his store.

Gerimi Burleigh is previewing the first pages in his new story, Morningstar, over on his Deviantart gallery. He also has a preview of his first book, Eye of the Gods, up on his website.

Dan Smith should have copies of his new series, Blue Knights, available for Long Beach. Issue one is complete, and issue two is not far from done either.

Jesse Toves has issue three of his future-noir series, Trouble, Guts and Noir, available for order through Indyplanet.

Josh Gorfain and Andrew Ross Maclean are running a successful Kickstarter campaign to help get their series, Meatspace, up and running. It's made it's goal amount, but the campaign can still be considered a place to pre-order issue one - plus every little helps!

Finally, I recently finished reading Rice Boy and Order of tales - both by Evan Dahm. A simply beautiful story, which I highly recommend.

Have a great week, everyone!

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