Monday, 31 October 2011

The Long Beach Goodbye

The 3rd Long Beach Comic Con came and went this weekend.

I was unable to attend on the Saturday, but made it there on the Sunday.

This year it was only a two year show, and the layout had shifted from last year, so that the Artist Alley was all in one place, rather than split into two like last year.

For me personally, it wasn't the greatest show. Something seemed very different this year.

Granted, as I writer I am unable to offer much but the books I have. Sketching really is a great way to make back the costs of a convention! However in past years, even if it didn't lead to a sale, the traffic in the Alley has been good, and the guests at the show have been willing to talk, listen to what your work is about, and offer up opinions.

This year that seemed lacking.

Very very few people stopped to talk. Very few people seemed to want to walk the aisles. Very few people seemed at all interested in the actual comic books.

I am thinking of perhaps trying some further afield conventions. Earlier this year I had a great time at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con - where the show guests seemed definitely interested in what the creators had to show.

I hope Long Beach hasn't run it's course. Perhaps the near bottle neck of shows in the SoCal area impacted it a little this year? (Next week is the first Comikaze Expo show, and at one point Wizard World LA was going to take place). I may give the one day show which Long Beach puts on early in the year a go, and decide from there if perhaps shows which are aimed more at the indie creator than the vendor are the way forward.

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