Saturday, 19 November 2011

30 Characters and friends

A group of friends have been helping me out with finishing off the designs of characters for the #30Characters Challenge - it does mean that I have a few variations of themes for characters.

For example, White shade.

Originally the design for this character was something like this:

White Shade, early design - art by Dan Smith

This design worked for the series when it was linear and chronologically specific. This character would have been featuring in stories taking place in the 1970's - as part of a riff on early X-Men or Teen Titans books.

However, the shift in time frame made the design a little redundant.

I've had two artist work on redesigns since then and wanted to share them with you.

White Shade Re-design 1:

Redesign one by Jesse Toves

White Shade Re-design 2:

Redesign two by Nate Osollo

It puts me in a great position of having options -never a bad thing in this world!

Please leave comments if you have a preference - I'd love to hear opinions.


geore said...

i like the second one the first looks a bit like storm...

Jamie Gambell said...

Thank you.

I can see that - a little bit punk-y!

I really like the simplicity of the second design.