Sunday, 8 January 2012

Department O

So last night on Twitter I announced the new comic book series I am currently working on.

Originally intended to be a revamp of Omnitarium, I changed direction slightly and came up with Department O, A dark-humoured horror series.

A secret service of the crown, Department O are the people who protect the realm from those things which go bump in the night. They are all that stands between us and everything else.

Two things got me thinking about the change. A couple of people had mentioned that they weren't that into the name Omnitarium, and with the chance of a fresh start, it seemed right to go somewhere else. Secondly, Omnitarium volume one is done. The story is finished. I loved working with J.C. Grande on the book, so why not keep that universe where it is, maybe go back to it with J.C., and bring something new to the table?

That's what Department O is. It will touch upon matters from the Omnitarium world, but it is a new series, with a new team.

The series will feature art by the incredibly talented Andrew Ross MacLean - someone who I love and have admired for years, and who I was lucky enough to work with on a short story for the Samurai The Graphic Novel anthology (our story should be appearing in issue two of that series).

We are in the early stages right now, the first arc is plotted and I am 15 pages into the script for issue one, but I hope that we will have some character designs to show you soon.

Stay tuned folks! 2012 will be all about Hero Code with Jonathan Rector, and Department O with Andrew Ross MacLean!

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