Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nothing up my sleeve...


That was always the keyword for The Hero Code.

Remember when you'd pick up a comic book as a kid and it would say something like "Everything you know is wrong!"?

That was one of the tones I wanted to bring to the series.


Is it a super-hero story? Sure. Why not? At least for now...

I'm terrible at pitching or hyping my own books for two reasons, one, I have too many ideas and points of interest tied up in my head, I feel like I'm cheating some of them to distill them down to something digestible. Two, misdirection - the story is going to change direction, a lot. I have it planned out to a fine point, but it will change direction.

One aspect to bear in mind is that a lot of the story of the Hero Code is set in a reality which is pressed up against other realities. Sometimes those points of pressure create weaknesses between them. Sometimes what is real for one reality is not necessarily true of another.


With this in mind, I'm pretty excited to announce some plans that are coming together.

As well as the main Hero Code book, which myself and Jonathan will be working on, and Department O, which I'll be working with Andrew Ross MacLean on, I am spinning off two further titles under the Monkey Pipe Studios banner.

The first is most obviously connected to The Hero Code universe.

The Black Wraith will be a techno-pulp metaphysical adventure, written by Brett Williams, and featuring The Black Wraith character. Is it the same Black Wraith from The Hero Code? Maybe...


We are in talks with a fantastic artist, someone I have long admired, but cannot announce a name until things are concrete.

The second series skirts by The Hero Code universe, but less obviously so.

Intranauts is a sci-fi action mystery, dealing with the protectors of one of the weak spots between realities, a pressure point of imagination.

The series will be written by Josh Gorfain, and feature the art work of David Brame (you can view some of David's work here).

What are the plans with these stories?

We are still working stuff out - they may appear on-line first. We may put out a book featuring chapters from all the stories. We may put out separate books.

We're open to thoughts on that one.

Stay tuned though, for what we hope will be exciting times!

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