Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tipping Names

On the drive to work yesterday, I switched off the radio and decided to daydream.

I was thinking that if I had unlimited resources, which spin-off books would I want from the Hero Code universe, and which creative teams would I want on them.


It got me thinking, and waffling on at Twitter (where I tend to 'hang out' @jamiegambell) about the state of the comic book industry, and the notion of super-star creators.

When I was growing up and starting out, there was really only two creators whom it seemed everyone knew - Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

Pretty soon an Englishman with a beard and crazy ideas, and a wirery and firery ninja-obsessed New Yorker were the creators everyone cared about. And by everyone, I mean everyone.

Comic super-stars seemed to be a thing. Sometimes the artist are calling the shots, sometimes the writers.

So who are the super stars today?

Are there names today who will absolutely guarantee you big sales? Even if you were to put out an indie book, or even a self-published book, who are the names who push you into that magical number of sales which mean that you make a profit?

If they exist, could it be done? Could a self publisher hire a recognized writer and artist on a book - a spin off from their own title - and make money? Would it extend to other titles?

Until my resources are a little bigger, I'll not be trying to find out. Perhaps a lottery win or something will allow me, though, to put together a team, and find out if the world is ready for Warren Ellis and Giannis Milonogiannis' Intranauts series? 

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