Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Black Wraith Logo's

Here are some early logo designs for the Black Wraith book - logo's by Josh Gorfain.

We know which one we like, what about you guys?

ETA: Now with added "The":

Here's a final run at the logo:


Michael N. said...

I'm liking the second one. It has more of a sense of shape-shifting movement.

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Michael - this is going to be used with Brett Williams and (possibly) David Flora's The Black Wraith mini-series that we're working on - Brett worked with Josh on getting the design he liked worked out.

I liked the bottom one as a design - one idea I had was to have the top style morph into the bottom one over the course of the series, as a kind of reflection of the characters mind... but that's just me thinking aloud!