Thursday, 9 February 2012

Books coming along nicely...

Both of Monkey Pipe's new titles, Intranauts and The Black Wraith, are coming along nicely.

Intranauts, written by Josh Gorfain, art by David Brame, is the most along - Josh has scripted about half of the first issue, and David is well into character designs.

Josh is also finishing off the logo design, from this basic idea:

The Black Wraith team is now together, with artist M. Lee Harris joining writer Brett Williams on that book.

Lee is starting character designs now, so hopefully we'll have something to show you soon.

These two books will be joining The Hero Code and Department O (with art by Jonathan Rector and Andrew Ross MacLean, respectively) on our roster.

Heather Breckel is onboard as colourist for all titles.

I'll be spending the rest of the year getting these new books moving, hopefully getting a couple of issues of each done.

The Hero Code remains my priority, though, and news on issue two will be forthcoming.

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