Saturday, 18 February 2012

Comics in front of eyes, comics into hands

I'm closing down the Omnitarium website.

It's served it's purpose, and now sits like an infrequently visited gravestone of a distant relative. You didn't hate them, but you were not as close as you might have been.

Heavy handed metaphors aside, the site has run it's course, and I am going to slowly change it over to a new and improved Monkey Pipe Studios website.

Something clean and crisp.

I hope to use the new site as a catch-all home for all the titles coming out from our stable in the coming years - The Hero Code, Omnitarium, Department O, Intranauts and The Black Wraith.

Five titles.

Ideally I'll be able to post a page a week from each series, on subsequent days of the week, so a regular run of updates throughout the week.

I really do think that, as a new creator, it is very important to walk before I run, to put the work out into the world, and let it find it's fan base - comics in front of eyes.

This is all going to take some time, which I am starved of at the best of times, so it will be a slow process. But I'm a patient man, and the longer it takes, the more pages I'll have in the bank.

Once an issue is completed, I would then make a single issue of it available to purchase.

Once a story is completed, I would make a trade available.

I'm a big fan of the digest sized trades of Omnitarium which I recently had printed through the excellent ICGeeks. Slightly smaller than standard comic books, there is something pretty tidy about them.

Comics into hands.

Couple of questions:

1. Should I revisit the Omnitarium series and have it coloured for this new launch?
2. What do people think of the Monkey Pipe Studios logo?

Thanks, all... keep watching the skies!


MarshallPlex said...

Sounds like a good plan. Yea time seems to run away from me all too much as well.

A colored version of omnitarium might be interesting. Id do a test page first though before you go ahead and do the whole book up. The style of art is so graphic color might actually not do much for it. It might be like going back and coloring Sin City. If you do color it id say stick to simplicity and moodiness.

The logo's ok. I like it because it indicates your work but as a logo it doesnt jump out. This diagram of the evolutionary process is pretty common so it just kind of blends in with that known image. A re conceptualization with a more distinct image I think would work better.

Lookin forward to the new site and new MPS work! Keep it up man!

Brett Williams said...

I love all of this and think it's absolutely the right direction in which to go. I'll address everything in depth in that e-mail later today.

That said...we need a new logo.

Jamie Gambell said...

Thank you for the comments, gents.

I think maybe it's time for a new logo!

MarshallPlex - good idea, I think I'll do a colour test on Omnitarium and see what I think - might make it all a little too muddy. Perhaps a grey tone and colour test to see what works best?

Brett - looking forward to the email!

Jahhdog said...

I echo both posters sentiments regarding colour in Omnitarium (it is a pretty involved (black and white inks book)...

I don't hate the logo but as Marshall said it has been done before...