Friday, 10 February 2012

Corporate Comics - or how easy it is to like indie more

The last few days have made for depressing reading in comic-land.

If not the very anti-creator sentiments fueled by the DC announcement of Before Watchmen, it is the news of suing - back and forth, creator vs creator, company vs creator.

One story in particular caused some upset. Gary Friedrich, the creator of the character Ghost Rider (created under hire for Marvel comics) was ordered to pay $17,000 to Marvel in a counter claim. He was trying to get some of the profit from Marvel for use of his character over the years, and from the character's use in movies. They want the money he raised selling prints at conventions of the character.

This implication for any artist attending conventions is pretty scary. A lot of artists make their livings from convention appearances, and from selling original art and prints at those conventions.

Why corporations seem so intent on killing the drive of the creative people who make the product which makes them so much money is beyond me.

With this in mind, I am putting out this open offer:

If any artist attending conventions, or selling prints or art work online or anywhere, wants to use any of the characters from my series, The Hero Code, in those prints, they are free to do so.

Artists need to make money.

All I ask is that you a) include a copyright notice to Jamie Gambell, and b) try to remember that The Hero Code is an all ages book, so please try to keep the characters respectable!

You can see some designs and notes on the characters at the website.

Oh, and for people who are angry or upset at Marvel's behavior towards Gary, let me make this simple for you; don't buy their stuff. If you were going to see Ghost Rider at the cinema, don't. Try to find out if there is a way of helping Gary, and use the money for that instead. 

Drop Marvel. Drop DC. Help creative people directly.

Thank you.


watson387 said...

The corporate companies make it easy to not buy their books digitally. I buy a lot of digital comics but won't buy anything from Comixology or Graphicly until they'll sell me a PDF, cbz, cbr, etc. I like to be able to read my bought comics however and wherever I want. I don't want to have to use a specific app or web browser so until they stop using these formats I wont be buying Marvel/DC.

Jahhdog said...

I understand that Mr. Friedrich signed over his rights to characters created while he was under the employ of Marvel. That was standard contractual fare for the time.

What I can't condone is Marvel coming after him for him using the "fact" that he created the Ghost Rider to help him garner some well deserved income at Cons. That is just petty!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on your comment, "Why corporations seem so intent on killing the drive of the creative people who make the product which makes them so much money is beyond me."

The generous act of putting your art out there and making it available for other artists to interpret and use is commendable! May you get your return ten fold!