Saturday, 24 March 2012

Another day, another Hero Code announcement

Following on from the news that the series is taking a little breather to allow Jonathan to finish off other projects, I am announcing my plan to produce a fill-in special for the series.

Made up of three short stories, featuring the three initial Heroes of the series - Optiman, Black Wraith and Myth - with art work by different artists on each story.

I am currently approaching some of the artists, and may have the first one on board (I will announce them all once everything is tied up), so watch this space.

There was a plan, a long time ago, to run back up stories in the series, featuring classical Hero Code stories (kind of telling the back story backwards), but whilst talking with Jonathan and John Lees, the shape of this book was pretty much formed (so thank you to both you guys!).

I am three weeks away from a break from work, so will work on the stories then, I have two pretty much formed, and the start of the third worked out. Hopefully I'll have news soon about this.

Also, if anyone has subscribed to the digital Hero Code editions, I will be sending them this book also as a bonus.

Thank you all, again, for the kind words about the series.

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