Sunday, 11 March 2012

Don't kick the Kickstarters

As many of you are fully aware, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to help launch The Hero Code.

I had a great time doing it, and would consider using the system of crowd-funding in the future if the project lent itself to that.

However, there seems to be a small group of creators out there who seem intent on putting down the whole Kickstarter model. Those who complain, make jokes about funding people not to do things, complain about the method of starting projects.

I have backed several projects myself. I have been lucky that most of these have delivered (those that haven't, are working on completing their projects).

I like Kickstarter, I really do. There is something cool about not only helping people get their projects up and running, but also about letting them know that you are a fan of what they proposing.

In an industry where negativity often seems to reign supreme, I for one am hopeful of a more positive future.

And with that in mind, here are a selection of campaigns which I am currently backing, and which I think you should check out also...

Ken Epstein has been putting out some fun, rock and roll feeling comics using Kickstarter for a while now. His latest is a Western comic and record combo - Nix Western

There's not more than a few hours left on Blacklist Studios offering, and I've been a big fan of Robot 13 since I discovered the series three or four years ago - some excellent rewards for backing the series are available - Robot 13 Trade

Not a comic series, but these Rise of The Beast figures look fantastic!

I was a big fan of Steve Ellis and David Gallaher's Box 13 when it first started running on Comixology, and I'm really excited to see what they are offering with this project - The Only Living Boy

There are more I'm digging, but that will do for now... maybe I'll make this a regular feature.


Jahhdog said...

I dig the comics. I wish more would make a pdf option for a reward though...

Jamie Gambell said...

When I did Hero Code, I was really reluctant to offer a pdf version of the book - but really have been seeing the pluses of this recently.

Heather said...

Not only is it great for small creators, but I've seen manga publishers start to use it to fund titles. For instance, many Osamu Tezuka books were put into print because of Kickstarter.