Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hero Code updates and news

This is a tough one.

Hero Code artist, Jonathan Rector, contacted me recently and told me that the combined pressure of day to day work on top of working on the mini-series, The Standard, and The Hero Code has been telling upon him recently.

He is worried that the work will be slow, the work will be impacted.

And so here we are...

We've agreed to put The Hero Code on hold for a short while, to allow Jonathan to finish up the last three issues of The Standard.

It means that there will be a bigger gap between issue one and two than originally hoped.

I quite simply do not want to bring another artist onto the title, even as a fill in artist. The story is as much Jonathan's as it is mine.

It does mean that, once The Standard is completed, Jonathan will be able to give The Hero Code his full attention.

In the meantime I will be focussing upon the other MPS projects in production - Department O, with Andrew Ross MacLean, The Black Wraith, by Brett Williams and M. Lee Harris, and Intranauts, by Josh Gorfain and David Brame.

There is another Hero Code story, set in the past, which might work as a limited series, that is if people are interested in such a thing, as well as a possible one shot/annual story to fill the gap between issues. Please let me know if such a thing sounds appealing in the comments section.

Thank you all, I hope you understand, and assure you that The Hero Code will continue soon, bigger and better than ever!


Lisa-Marie Wilson said...

It's a shame to hear The Hero Code will be put on hold, but it's good you and your artist are able to communicate this well. And when he has the time to devote purely to THC things will move along!

Lisa-Marie Wilson said...
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Javier Hernandez said...

Yeah, a tough decision, but I commend you for sticking with the artist.

And it's nice to know that Jonathon wants to get back to the book, rather than let someone take it over.

Overall, I'd say you both made the best decision for the book.

Jamie Gambell said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Both Jonathan and I have big plans for the series - it really just continues to grow, and grow.

Like I've said before, it's as much Jonathan's book as it is mine, and I think we'll both look back on this certain that it's the right decision.

Thank you again.

Jahhdog said...

Whaaa? Oh well. I understand how we can stretch ourselves thin especially when working a day gig and projects! I am glad you and Jonathan came up with a amicable solution as a supporter/subscriber I fully endorse this with a Jahhdog "howl" of approval!!!

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Jahhdog - I'm plotting out a special issue, which I think will probably end up being x3 short stories featuring our initial 3 Hero Code heroes, drawn by different artists - this will be going out to any digital subscribers as a bonus issue, and will fill the gap a little bit between now and issue 2.