Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cool ruminations

Good morning, all.

I am currently enjoying the first few days of my hiatus from my main day job. It does involve me working here and there (I could never fully take a break) but it is mainly about me getting some writing done, some rest and relaxation, and some exercise.

David Brame and I will be starting some work on Hero Code issue zero shortly. I say we, but I have written the script, and now I just sit back and let David do his thing.

Taking place ten years before the events of issue one, issue zero, or Annual one (still working it out) will be a stand alone tale, with implications and repercussions to the overall Hero Code universe - a great jumping on point, a fantastic pick up issue, a stellar piece of work.

I'll also be working with Andrew Ross MacLean on getting together the full pitch of Department O.

My plan at the moment is to change the way I've been working somewhat.

Hero Code will primarily be an ongoing webseries. We will be posting the pages as images of comic book pages, as I am still uncertain of if I want it to be a true web comic (that is landscape and utilizing the web more than the printed page) or if I want the web to help get the story out there, and still have it being a print comic at heart.

For those who still want their print fix, the single issues will still be available, mainly at conventions, but in a limited form online. I will be moving towards trades more and more though, as the issue count rises. I have been really liking the mini-book or pocket-book sized editions for short arcs (5-6 issues) with the idea of doing a collected edition in full size (collecting more issues, something more along the lines of 12-20 issues) down the line.

Hero Code will be taking up most of my time.

Other series will be more about building pitches.

We have Department O pretty much ready to go, as a pitch.

Followed by Josh Gorfain and David Brame's Intranauts.

With Brett Williams and M Lee Harris' Black Wraith series not far behind.

I also have two other series I want to pitch. I'll be working on the first issue scripts, outlines and so on with artists over the rest of the year.

Maybe they will lead somewhere. Maybe not. But I want to start them, and get more pitches out into the world.

Finally, here's a sketch of The Black Wraith done by Jerzy Drozd, as Jerzy says "for when we do the animated series"!

That's it for now, have a great week!

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