Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hero Code sketch covers project

Following on from the great discussion yesterday, I've added both sketch editions and digital-downloads to the storefront.

All the talk of break even numbers and print runs got me thinking.

From now on I will be doing the following with books I self-publish through the ICGeeks service;

First print runs will run at 1000 copies only.

Along side these I will be doing 100 sketch cover editions - blank covers on which I will be able to sketch requested character head shots.

Once the sketch editions have sold out, that is it, no more.

For this first run of sketch editions I would like to try something for fun.

Of the 100 sketch editions, I would like to offer up 50 for the following project:

I would send out a batch of 5 to other artists. I would like the artists to sketch their take of one or more of the Hero Code characters on one copy, and return it to me.

They get to keep the other 4 to sell them as they see fit.

I will post a small feature on the blog on each artist, showcasing and linking to their work.

I ask that only published artists apply (that includes self published).

If interested, message me, comment here, contact me however you know how to - here, twitter, facebook, google+...

I'll keep a tally going through updates:

1. Dan Smith
2. Devin Kraft
3. Michael E. Pritchard
4. Cesar Feliciano
5. Justin Stewart
6. Donna Letterese
7. Michael Neno
8. Gerimi Burleigh
9. Josh Bauman
10. Javier Hernandez

11. M. Lee Harris
12. Krishna M. Sadasivam
13. Russell Fox
14. Brandon Dayton
15. Gary Lister
16. Karl Altstaetter
17. Robyn Seale
18. Jerzy Drozd

ETA: We now have ten artists signed up... and then there were more!

M. Lee Harris, artist on the upcoming Black Wraith series, expressed interest in joining in the project, so I've decided to leave the list open until Wednesday, 25th - midnight.

If anyone else wants on the list, please let me know by then.

Thank you all so far!


Cesar Feliciano said...

I would be open to this. Sign me up.
Cesar Feliciano-The Red Ten

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Ceasar, you're in!