Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mid-week roundup

Officially off the clock from the Day Job for a few months now. There may be the odd day here and there, or even a smaller project between seasons, but I'm hoping to use the time to develop some ideas and work on some writing.

So what is happening with the MPS projects now?

Collectively, we are building quite a list of stories and creators for the site for when it goes live. I haven't set an exact date yet, wanting to get everything in place so that it doesn't start and stop too much, and there will be a staggered release for the stories, as some of them work through their pitching course, but things are coming along nicely.

Department O has been sent out as a pitch to a couple of publishers. To be honest it has gone out to two bigger publishing companies who I respect for their stance on creator rights.

For the Hero Code I'll be working on a couple of sides of the story while Jonathan works through his other project commitments.

David Brame shared with me some character designs for the zero issue which we are working on, including a fantastic redesign of the Antiquators.

Along with this special issue, I'm working on further scripts for future issues, building plenty of pages for Jonathan to draw when he returns!

Intranauts and Black Wraith are both still coming together nicely with the respective creative teams. I would love to spend May working on the pitches for both these books, and sending those out into the universe, seeing what becomes of them.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of putting together an MPS ashcan. It would be a collection of sequential pages, design work, cover designs and other images for some of the first round of stories, most probably wrapped up with a sketch cover option.

Ideally this would become a regular thing, as more and more stories and creators join the MPS site, we could from time to time put out these little seasonal tasters of what is to come.

Finally, the Sketch Cover Project has had a fantastic response (see earlier post) and I am really thrilled by the list of artists signed up for this so far.

Once the list is finalised I can start working on the format of the featured posts for each creator, and the design work needed for the sketch cover editions of the book.

As always, we will keep you posted!

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