Friday, 6 April 2012

Twitter: Announce, Pronounce, Denounce...

As I retreat further into the digital world with my comic books, and plan to make The Hero Code a weekly updated serial online, I've really been thinking about how to use social media.

Not just use it to advertise and shill, but if there is a real use to each platform, a real way of putting the service to use, and to what end it should be used.

I enjoy twitter a lot. I like the almost real time flow, I like engaging with people on Twitter, I like answering questions, asking questions, joining in discussions there.

Often the questions fall on deaf ears. Often the odd declaration meant in jest or in passing becomes a real discussion.

I haven't the wherewithal or the inclination to utilise studies on optimal times to post, magic numbers of posts per day etc. I tend to be fairly reactionary or immediate in my use of the platform.

I have noticed, however, that some people seem to use Twitter as a closed caption service. They seem to log in to do one of three things;

Announce: The "I am doing x" post. Meant to simply let people know that the posted is doing something. No response necessary.

Pronounce: The "X is the balls" post. You simply must know that I know something is good. Please don't discuss this fact, it simply is.

Denounce: The "X is a load of balls" post. Yep, the opposite. Something sucks, so there!

For me this is a waste of a great conversational platform. These posts seem more at home on Facebook - along with the passive aggressive "sigh", "I guess now I know who my REAL friends are" or "I won't mention names, but really!" style postings.

If anyone wants to talk about this or share any thoughts, you can find me on Twitter as @jamiegambell.

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