Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yet another Hero Code update!

As followers of the site will know, The Hero Code is on a short hiatus as artist extraordinaire, Jonathan Rector, ties up The Standard - a six issue mini series with John Lees, currently on issue 3.

I have plans for a couple of fill in books, which I'm still working out the details on.

What I can tell you is this:

I'm currently working on a zero issue with artist David Brame - Intranauts. Set ten years before the events of issue one, it shows a little more of the Hero Code universe, and introduces us to characters who will play a part much later in our tail.

It's a stand alone story, and works great as both an introduction to the world and a fill in story.

Along with this, I am working on a possible "annual" style issue, which will feature a series of short stories by different artists (and possibly different writers). More details will follow once they are tied down.

Later this year, or early next year, I'll be relaunching issue one of the Hero Code, and then we hope to move into either a bi-monthly or quarterly schedule for the book there on.

I also wanted to share this:

A fantastic pin-up of the character, The Occultist from D C Stuelpner - a fellow #30Characters participant from last year, whose work I really loved.

Hope you all had a great Easter!

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