Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Covers, Sketch and Variant Plans

Two part post -

Firstly, I am thinking about themes and what I would like to sketch on my own batch of the Hero Code Sketch Covers.

One idea is to do a "5 Heroes" theme - five of the characters who helped me fall in love with super hero books.

In putting together a list, I so far have a lot more than 5 characters!

They are:

1. Judge Dredd
2. Rogue Trooper 
3. Johnny Alpha 
4. Booster Gold 
5. Blue Beetle 
6. Swamp Thing 
7. Captain Britain
8. Nemesis 
9. Zenith 
10. Optimus Prime 
11. Soundwave 
12. Mister Miracle 
13. Popeye

Maybe I'll whittle them down, especially if anyone shows an interest in any of them.

Secondly, with The Hero Code, I am thinking of treating the first round of issue one books as the Kickstarter round.

Moving into round two, and away from the sketch covers, I am thinking of doing the following:

Jonathan Rector's Cover:

This will be the standard issue one cover - of which there will be 1000 available.

Drew Johnson's Cover:

This will be the digital edition cover - ongoing availability.

Karl Altstaetter's wrap around cover:

I'm going to limit this one to 100 copies.

All of these will be available at the store once the re-issue takes place (I will keep you posted).

Once those numbers are sold, I will get a new cover put together for the regular edition. Jonathan's first cover and Karl's cover will not be printed again.

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