Monday, 28 May 2012

I like My Art Backwards

Round Three has been decided - the winner is Mister Miracle vs Darkseid.

Round Four is coming up...

I've received the thumbs for the issue of The Hero Code which David Brame will be doing art duties on. Really great energy and flow to them. The issue is a stand alone issue, a very art-heavy story, and David is doing the real heavy lifting on it! So far, I'm thrilled, and cannot wait for the issue to be complete.

It's got be thinking about the numbering/naming of the issue. I've seen a few people mention that they do not like the idea of zero issues on books - mainly in response to the news that DC will be releasing a series of zero issues themselves in a few months.

The script is a stand alone story, and was originally going to be issue 6 of the ongoing series.

Should I call it zero issue and not care?

Should I call it issue six and let the story arc by myself and Jonathan Rector catch up?

Should I call it an annual or special (even though it is standard length)?

I kind of like the idea of calling it issue six, myself, but what do you think?

In other news, I have a tendency to dream big and then have my ambitions frozen by doubt. Something which has been playing on my mind a lot recently, and makes me feel that I have trouble "living in the now", "enjoying the moment".

Psychology aside, I was dreaming big once more and thinking about, after the fun of the experiment of the mini-comic, producing a solo book - featuring art and story by myself. Something I have never done on a big scale.

Naturally I went as big as I could with the ideas (a Dante-esque trip through the afterlife with a man who has died at the wrong time, and is now caught up in the bureaucracy and red-tape of the other side, was one idea - one based on an outline for a Zuda project I was working on before that site went belly up).

I then thought about a future-war set story. A combination of my love of Rogue Trooper and the enjoyment I've been having reading Image comics Prophet series of late, got me planning.

I have an idea.

I feel scared by the size of it.

After a little deliberation and a lot of procrastination (what size paper should I use? Do I need a new scanner? Should I letter by hand? Colour?), I have realised that I need to just scale it back and keep it manageable, or risk being consumed by the usual doubts and thoughts of inadequacy.

So I'm going to start doing small, 8 or so page, chapters of a story. Contained chapters, but part of a bigger tale.

I'll be working on some character sketches, and some plotting for the next few weeks, and then will just jump right into it.

Finally, I have some day-job work coming up, which will no doubt eat up most of my spare time. So the daily sketch card project will be moving a little slower than planned. I still will be working on it though.

I'll leave you with a quick look at some thumbnails by David Brame for the Hero Code - I love thumbs, and have always enjoyed seeing the earliest stages of comic book work.



Jahhdog said...

I don't care about the continuity (any more) So if the story is a numero 0 or a special (who cares about a page count) I just want Hero Code stories. Good stories. This is what matters to me...


Jamie Gambell said...

Thank you - I think this particular stand alone story is really good, one which I really enjoyed writing, and I think David has enjoyed drawing it.

We shall see!