Thursday, 3 May 2012

Judge Dredd Short.

I've been reading a lot of the old Judge Dredd adventures recently, missing old Stoney Face, and the ease with which 2000ad was available to me back in London.

The online store for 2000ad, and the digital editions of the book are a great model, well worth looking at. Available internationally day and date, and at a great price ($1.99). You chose if you want the book as a CBR or a PDF.


In light of my reading matter of late, and because I've been thinking a lot about newspaper strip length stories recently, I was inspired to write the following short:

Panel One: We are outside the Mega City's First - a huge conglomerate Banking institution. On one side, angry citzens holding a legal protest at the banks of Mega City - this is the Occupy Mega City movement, and various signs being brandished by the masses show this. On the other side are the bankers - not dressed in the Max Normal pin-strip bowler hat look, perhaps something more Imperial looking? Between the two lines stands Judge Dredd, aloof, dignified, hands on belt, keeping the law.

1. PROTESTER ONE: These banking scum have stolen everything from us!

2. PROTESTER TWO: And all the judges do is stand by and watch!

Panel Two: Around to face the bankers, sneering faces, looking back towards us and the protesters, as they walk towards the bank - total disregard for the citizens. They have the law on their side, and are happy to let anyone and everyone know. One banker waves a handful of credits at the protestors, another looks on disgusted, yet another tosses a single credit chip their way.

3. BANKER ONE: Lazy slugs! If you've got time to cry, you've got time to work!

4. BANKER TWO: We have the judges on our side, you cruds!

5. BANKER THREE (throwing the credit): Here, this cred's on us!

Panel Three: Slightly closer on the banker who had tossed the credit - stopping with a slightly surprised look on his face.

6. DREDD (OP): Hold it there, citizen...

Panel Four: DREDD has the banker in cuffs, the protesters cheer, the banker looks crestfallen.

7. DREDD:...Littering. You just bought yourself five years in an iso cube.


If any artists want to take a crack at this, please feel free!

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