Sunday, 6 May 2012

What's the Triptych for Two?

Few things:

Firstly, I think I am beginning to settle on an idea for the sketch covers that I'll be doing.

The theme would be Heroes and Villains, and it would basically match up two covers, one showing a hero and one showing a nemesis of theirs.

I'm going to be doing five sets - so ten covers in total - and I'm trying to show characters who have meant something to me in my comic book journey.

Should I offer up some kind of voting for which sets make it through to the final round? Maybe one from each set - splitting them up into groups. (ETA: See the poll to the right of the page)

Here's a preliminary list for now:

Group A

Judge Dredd vs Mean Machine Angel
Cyclops vs Magneto
Shade the Changing Man vs Doctor ZZ
Hellboy vs Rasputin

Group B

Nemesis vs Torquemada
Captain Britain vs Slaymaster
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle vs Despero
Zenith vs Masterman

Group C

Mister Miracle vs Darkseid
Dangermouse vs Stiletto Mafiosa
Judge Anderson vs Judge Death
Optimus Prime vs Megatron

Group D

Johnny Alpha vs Styx Brothers
Daredevil vs Bullseye
Raphael vs Shredder
The Doctor vs Davros

Group E

Dan Dare vs The Meckon
Batman vs The Joker
Popeye vs Bluto
Rogue Trooper vs Nort Soldier

Secondly, I am currently working on a couple of mini-comic stories, which will probably be distilled down to two stories in one single comic.

Something a little more autobiographical.

I'll keep you posted on progress.

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