Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Who, What, Where...Me

Inspired by Warren Ellis' recent "blog" post, and as something I've been meaning to do for a while, I present to you a quick introduction to me, and a run down of where I tend to be web-active.

My name is Jamie Gambell, and I am a comic book writer and production sound technician. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and son.

My day job involves me working on movies, television shows, commercials etc, primarily as a sound utility, with occasional forays into booming and sound mixing.

I also write comic books, and, occasionally, screenplays.

I am currently working on my own series, The Hero Code - an ongoing super hero sci-fi saga, as well as a number of pitches which are in various states and stages. I am building this series, as well as the pitches, and other series produced by other creators, into a collective of creator owned web-series at Monkey Pipe Studios - a website which I am hoping to go live later this year.

With The Hero Code, I am currently working with artist, David Brame, on a stand alone issue - tentatively called the zero issue - which will be released between now and the completion of issue two.

Indie comics take time.

I am a firm believer in creator's and workers rights, and, despite my leanings to left-sided politics, I'm pretty disillusioned with most political models.

I am not represented at present, so if anyone wants to contact me about writing work, they can do so directly at my email address.

I have a presence on twitter (@jamiegambell)- which is fairly active. I enjoy chatting, engaging, asking and answering questions there very much. I also tend to make fairly bad jokes there, so be warned.

I am on Facebook and Google+ under my own name, but I'm less active there.

Jamiegambell on Instagram, Words With Friends, and Draw Something, for those who are into that sort of thing.

I have a Tumblr page, which is primarily to share art for current and up and coming MPS projects.

I blog here in a sporadic but frequent manner, and am currently building up my online store through the Storenvy service.

I hope to be doing The Hero Code for some time to come, and hope to build a fan base for the series who enjoy reading it as much as I do creating it.

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