Friday, 22 June 2012

Excuse me while I kiss above the sky...

There is a lot to be said for one learning their craft the hard way.

Making comics is easier than ever, but breaking into what appears from the outside to be the clubhouse of success can take years, if it can ever be done at all.

Add to this that the clubhouse is shrinking, with most mainstream comic book publishers and stores seeming to do anything and everything they can to reach the same 100,000 or so readers, and it become a lot harder to reach the sky.

A lot of indie creators, myself included, look to the model which works - the standard American comic book. A lot of creators try their best to emulate those books, and then work their hardest to be heard above not only the high volume of other indie peers, but also the smaller publishers, the big five, the big three, the big two...

It's a tough crowd to be heard in.

It's even tougher on oneself if one sets goals within this framework.

I think I've been making a huge mistake working like this.

In the worst case, when thinking like this, one can produce disingenuous work, work which one doesn't enjoy creating, and which the audience gets little or nothing from.

I am not a mainstream creator or a big publisher. I am a person, a person who happens to collaborate and create comic books.

Maybe this is enough. Maybe it's time for me to stop looking to the same sky that everyone else is looking, and start to think about what is, personally, beyond that sky - time to start asking what it is that I want to become, as a creator, and time to set myself more realistic goals.

For now, that main goal is to ensure that I am telling the stories which I want to tell.


David Beyer Jr said...

I really enjoy these musings on the industry/ what it means to be a creator. I think we share similar feelings a lot of the time. It's nice to hear some of my thoughts in another persons voice.

Jamie Gambell said...

Thank you, David - glad to hear that someone is enjoying them.

I think there is a definite underswell of like minded creators, moving away from creating for others, and towards creating for some other reason than to make it big, to work for the mainstream and to financially hit gold.

It's an exciting time, for sure!