Friday, 1 June 2012


Around the time that I was finishing my own Kickstarter campaign for The Hero Code, Tyler James recommended a POD service to me for printing the actual book.

ICGeeks, run by Noel Burns, proved to be an excellent suggestion - fast, high quality and at a cost which made using POD for indie books a much more viable option - I decided to try them out.

Originally I had been using Ka-Blam - who provided a good service - but I moved pretty much wholesale over into Noel's camp, and started recommending him to friends and fellow creators.

Noel is currently running a KS campaign for a sample book, called Indie in Advance. It is an attempt to reach out to comic book stores and provide a link between indie books and those stores.

I think creators and stores alike would be very smart to take heed of this project.

If you have a Kickstarter project yourself, there is an option to back the project which would then provide printing and shipping for books for your project - seems like a great option to me.

I'm backing the project, and endorsing the service totally, and have added a widget to the sidebar of the site for the duration of the campaign. I hope Noel succeeds.

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