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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 2009

I’m sure others have done this, and have been more comprehensive and done a much better job all round, but while reading League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century 2009, I found myself, for the first time in this series, spotting more than just a handful of the “easter eggs”.
So here are some notes on what I spotted:
----SPOILERS---- lots of spoilers in here if you haven’t read the book and are planning on doing so.
Page Six: The ad on the front of the bus is for Aquaman 2 in 3-D, staring Vince Chase (from HBO’s Entourage).
Orlando, on this page, is carrying a Tesco shopping bag. It also says (obscured) “we control every aspect of your lives” on the bag - Tesco is the biggest supermarket chain in Britain, with something like one pound out of every seven spent in the UK going to the store.
On the newspaper front page on the right, the “Daily Brute” was the newspaper in Waugh’s Scoop. The headline uses a racist slur as a pun used in the UK, and also puns on the 2000ad character, Strontium Dog in the copy beneath it.
Page nine: Panel six - Andy Millman was the character played by Ricky Gervais in the series, Extras. Panel eight/nine - Presidents Palmer and Bartlett are from the series’ 24 and West Wing, respectively. The newscaster also alludes to Jack Bauer, also from the series 24.
Page ten/eleven: The interviewer on the television is Jon Snow, the interviewee is Malcolm Tucker, from the series The Thick of It, and the movie In the Loop - famous for his foul mouthed, almost poetic rants.
Page twelve: Panels one and three: The older gentlemen and the younger man giving out a beating look to be the two main characters, Arthur and Terry, from the television series, Minder. 
Panel two: The newspaper in the letterbox has the name Alan Partridge on it, the character played by Steve Coogan in various comedy shows, including the excellent I’m Alan Partridge.
Panel four: The Big Blanket - alludes to the newspaper, The Big Issue, sold by licensed homeless sellers. 
Panel six: The store in the foreground is the old location of Gosh comics (which did have the Batman symbol hanging outside). The man behind ejected is wearing a Torquemada tee-shirt from the 2000ad series, Nemesis (O’Neil was one of the artists on that series). The titles of the books being dropped; “Feck”, “Girls” and “Drink” were the three main words spoken by Father Jack throughout the television series Father Ted.
Panel seven: The British Museum - which was just opposite Gosh.
Page Thirteen: Panel one: The coffee bar name, QueeQueg’s, refers to the character of the same name from Moby Dick, which off course also features a character called Starbuck, the name of a famous chain of coffee shops. Outside the bar, a man is drinking a can of beer named Duff - the beer of choice for Homer Simpson.
Panel five: Becks is a Centaur Forward pun headline - Becks being David Beckham.
Page fourteen: Panel one: The statue and plaque for the policeman outside the Masonic  Lodge is for George Dixon - from the series Dixon of Dock Green.
Page fifteen: Panels two - seven: J3 and J6 are Roger Moore and Daniel Craig, the third and sixth actors to play James Bond in the MGM films.
Panel five: The women in the picture look to be Miss Moneypennys. One is holding a folder which says “Eyes Only” referring to the James Bond title “For Your Eyes Only”. The photograph on the pin-board shows Daniel Craig emerging from the sea in his swimming trunks.
Page sixteen: I think the current M is Emma Peel, from the television show, The Avengers. There is also a picture of J1 - Sean Connery - on the wall behind her.
Panel two: The picture on M’s desk is of John Steed, also from The Avengers..
Page seventeen: Panel two - sounds like what James Bond might be riddled with, right?
Panel eight: The Cardiff enterprise I think alludes to Torchwood.
Page eighteen: More James Bond’s.
Page twenty-four: Some of the characters in the background look similar to characters from the Carry On Doctor movie.
Page thirty-two: Panel one: The movie poster for Who Dat Ninja stars Tracy Jordan, from the television show 30 Rock.
Page thirty-four: Panel seven: there are a lot of characters in this panel, I’m not totally sure if they are the cast from the long-running British soap Eastenders, or if the character holding the “will mockney for food” sign is David Jason, who played Del Boy in the comedy series Only Fools and Horses.
Page thirty-five: Panels two, four and five: Various Doctors in this one, from Doctor Who.
Page thirty-seven: The hidden train platform refers to the Harry Potter books. In panel three Norton also refers to Johnny Depp in the movie From Hell, “based” on the graphic novel written by Moore.
(Question: Is Norton the dentist from Marathon Man?)
Pages thirty eight-forty five: Hogwarts.
Page forty-six: Is this Harry Potter? Or is it Tim Hunter? Or is it Tim from The Hidden People series of books? They all blend into one, really!
Page forty-seven: Panel seven: The house between houses appears in the Harry Potter books.
Page fifty-six: Panel two: The original James Bond.
Panel three: Characters from the two series Little Britain and The Fast Show.
Panel five: Hiro on the right hand side, from the television series Heroes. Not sure who the person on the left is.
Pages sixty one-sixty nine: Marry Poppins saves the day!
Page seventy: Emma Peel turns up with some of the other female characters from The Avengers.
As I said at the start of this, there is plenty I am sure I’ve missed.
I really enjoyed this chapter - probably most out of the Century chapters - the arrival of “Marry” at the end, and how she deals with the Anti-Christ were just perfect.
If anyone has a more comprehensive list, or wants to add anything, please feel free to leave comments below.

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