Monday, 25 June 2012

Secret War

I may be imagining this, I may be way off the mark, but bear with me, please...

It seems like more and more creators are moving towards their own projects, taking a break from the mainstream IP farms, and going it alone with smaller, more personal, and, most importantly, self-owned comic books.

The mainstream has helped the push by working of late towards what feels like creating by editorial committee.

You may call me naive, and point out that this has been a practice for some time in mainstream comics - perhaps the freedom and speed of information now days between creators and fans makes it more apparent? However, the bigger companies - themselves owned by bigger companies - most definitely seem to be moving away from pushing books as being by creators, and rather towards books being about creations.

It isn't the team behind the story which matters anymore, it's the same old recognizable brand-name characters in those books which matter.

It's a sad, petty difference, and sometimes it seems to move over into out and out nastiness - especially when one reads of the "fans" turning against the creator, but it does definitely seem to be happening.

Most creators will find it hard out there in the big wide world - very few if any have the name to carry them to the top of a shrinking pile. Sure, most creators have a fan base of some kind or another, but in most instances that fan-base is not enough to compete with the exposure of mainstream comics.

The exposure is the key.

In the past it was a case of working indie, self-creating, in order to make a name so that one could pitch to play in the big kids sandbox. Now days it seems to be a case of playing in the big kids sandbox so that you can get people to know your name for your indie projects.

A tough game when the big kids seem intent on pushing the creators names further and further away from the minds of the fans.

It's an interesting time, and one can't help but feel that a big change is going to come...

I hope so. Comic books have a nasty habit of announcing wholesale changes, only to return to the same tired status quo.

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