Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sold Out!

After an afternoon date with my better half - where we watched Woody Allen's new movie - we discussed the idea of selling out over Pho.

Some descriptions are easy to throw around as short-hand insults which don't really mean anything - what does it mean to actually sell out? Do we mean that someone is producing something which was once seen as worth less, and now makes money, thus making it worthless?

Do we mean the attitude? Are we talking about saying things one really doesn't agree with, just to keep oneself afloat?

There is a simple fact which most younger people - those who lack life experience, and those who like to use phrases like "they sold out" - are unaware of; life is of responsibilities. Sometimes, to meet those responsibilities, one has to do things one wouldn't really want to do.

I don't think integrity is mutual to the arena of poverty or obscurity - I think it's a terrible mistake to expect that, and to wish it upon others.

I do, however, think that integrity can be brought to what ever task you are performing, be it something you don't wholly agree with, or something you are totally passionate about. And with that can come some humility and grace.

Some people would do well to remember this.

Also, on the note of selling out - I have three copies of the Kickstarter edition of The Hero Code left, which is very cool. Nearly sold out.

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