Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I've been thinking about opening up submissions on two fronts of late.

Firstly, on the Monkey Pipe Studios website - having an open submissions policy to try to get more people and more active stuff up there.

Secondly, in the back of The Hero Code - completed and contained shorts from different people set around a common theme, but totally open.

I have a bunch of stories lined up for the MPS site, but have always felt that with that project it most definitely is the more the merrier.

I also have one back up story being drawn at the moment in The Hero Code, and another lined up.

Pros and cons of all this.

1. Getting stuff actually printed. It still really is a great feeling, and a great way to show the world that you mean business with creating work.

2. Getting eyes on your stuff which might not have made it there before. The idea of MPS was to always have a shared community of fans and followers accessing a new group of work. The more people posting stories there, the more possible fans a creator might build.

3. Creating is fun.

1. Who cares? Seriously - it's getting harder to get a sense of who is actually looking at this stuff these days. With no actual hard sales or indicators, for all I know I could be pissing in the wind. Not very appealing for creators.

2. What's in it for them? Back up stories would be printed, but is that enough of a draw? The website stuff would be posted, but so what?

3. Creating is hard work.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

I really would love to see the MPS website flourish and grow - a group of independent creators able to work on their own things, but collectively helping each other's work to get out there.

As to the submissions, for the back up strips, I'd be looking for completed stories, all-age friendly, tales of someone doing something heroic and positive, no more than 8 pages in length.


Marshall said...

Sounds like a plan Jamie! Definitely going to keep these in mind for future projects! :)

Jamie Gambell said...

Thanks, Marshall - I'd love to have something by you either on the site or in the book.

BTW - still working on some kinks on the "idea" we've been bouncing back and forth.